Foundations- Personal One-on-One Training

This program begins on a day that fits the schedule between you and the coach. It consists of four (4) one+ hour sessions scheduled in one-on-one sessions that must be completed within a 30 day period. This Foundations program runs within the full month of your choosing

After signing up for the Foundations program, we will reach out to you via email to confirm your Foundations membership, and begin scheduling your first session if we haven't spoken to you previously.

If these sessions are not completed within a 30 day period (1 month), additional charges will apply for make-up sessions.

$200 - One Time Payment

Please verify or update your start date.

Your Information

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CrossFit IO Liability Waiver (6118)
In consideration of the fee paid (or comp session), participant understands that there is a risk of personal injury in the course of instruction and, with this knowledge, agrees to assume the risk of any injury and damages to participant during the class.

Specifically, participant agrees to hold harmless CrossFit I/O and all other individuals, organizations, sponsors, promoters, operators, hosts, instructors, associations, schools, owners, officials, directors, employees, and other participants connected with the class from all losses, damages, injuries, causes of actions, claims, or complaints in the event that the participant is damaged or injured in any way during the participation, instruction and/or performance of any exercise or during any activity associated with the event location or during transit to or from the class.

Participant further agrees to strictly obey instructors and observe safety rules.

Because of the physical demands of physical activity and/or CrossFit, participant understands that he/she must be in good physical condition to participate in the class. Participant understands that in case of injury, the only medical treatment CrossFit I/O will provide is first aid.

Participant agrees that any pictures, audio, or visual recordings taken of him/her in connection with the class can be used for publication, promotion, articles, shows and advertisement without additional consent and without compensation at this time or any other time.

I have read and understand this release and agreement and agree to its provisions. I am not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants. I am not suffering from any illness or incapacity. I am over 18 years of age. (If not over 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign upon reading below.)

Parental Consent: (for participants under the age of 18) I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the child shown above, have read the above and understood the foregoing assumption of risk, and release of liability and agree to its terms on behalf of my child and myself. I understand that by signing below, I am giving up substantial rights on behalf of my child and myself.

::: Membership Agreements Only Below! Please Read Carefully! :::

By signing your name, you acknowledge and agree that you will maintain the membership and pay the dues specified above for the stated term.  You are agreeing that you will be liable for the dues for the entire term of this agreement in the amounts stated herein regardless of usage or any change of circumstance. The membership dues are non-refundable for any reason.

After the initial above term has expired, this agreement shall automatically renew at the current contract rate, under the same contract terms, until I contact CrossFit I/O in writing to cancel with at least 30 days prior written notice. If you believe you cannot continue with those terms as set, you may choose another membership that you can fulfill. You are responsible for all charges billed or incurred prior to cancellation. You further agree that your membership is exclusive to those mentioned under this membership and are in no way transferable to anyone else.

Upon completion and full payment of the contracted membership as agreed, or at anytime you choose to upgrade membership, you may request to continue with a new contracted membership (upgrades only) and must enter into a new agreement.

You agree to pay a service charge of $20.00 for any payments 10 days past due. If there are three payments which are 10 days past due during the period of this Agreement, you agree to pay the remaining balance of the Agreement in full, in addition to any and all recovery charges incurred.

In addition to any rights and remedies it may otherwise have, CrossFit I/O may terminate this Agreement upon ten days' written notice to you if you fail to comply with your obligations under this Agreement and do not cure any such failure within ten days after receiving notice of such failure.

Failure to attend the classes does not relieve you of the obligation to pay the full tuition for the program or contract in which you are currently enrolled.

 You understand this agreement may be canceled at any time by paying a cancellation fee equal to 40% of the tuition fee prorated to the remainder of the agreement. All discounts given will not be considered in the calculation of the cancellation fee. If you and/or co-signer wish to cancel this agreement on the stated terms set out, you may do so by sending a 30 day notice (15 day notice for Unlimited Monthly memberships), delivered to CrossFit I/O at least 30 days (or 15 days for Monthly) prior to the cancellation date desired by the way of registered mail, email, or in person to:

CrossFit I/O
1970 Lee Rd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Right of cancellation: You may cancel this Agreement from the day you enter the Agreement until 10 days after. You do not need a reason to cancel within this 10 day period. If you cancel this contract, CrossFit I/O has 15 days to refund your money (minus any drop-in fees for gym use).

:: Hold Policy ::

Per CrossFit I/O policy, all members have the option to put their membership on hold one time per contract period for no less than 30 days in length.

Memberships may be temporarily placed on hold if certain conditions are met. This is a courtesy to accommodate debilitation illness, injury, or maternity. If you’re not sure what your schedule will be in the future and are not sure you can fulfill a membership of a certain length, please consider a smaller term or a month to month membership. Once your membership is placed on hold you will not lose out on the time you place on hold. Your billing cycle may change, but the time will be added to the end of your current membership. There are no retroactive holds: you must let us know 30 days in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold. To place a membership on hold, please e-mail with your requested hold dates and a confirmation that you understand the above conditions.

In witness whereof, you have executed this release and the above terms, as of the date of the start of this membership.